The Best Start For your Child

The North Dumfries Preschool Co-operative Inc. was founded in Ayr

over 40 years ago by a group of parents, who believed that parents are

a child's first and most important teachers. Our program is licensed by

the Ministry of Education  and is funded partly by the Region of Waterloo.

We provide services for children ages 18 months to 5 years old who are

divided into age appropriate classes for toddlers and preschoolers.  

These children are nurtured and encouraged by their parents who

work in the classroom and by our wonderful teachers,  helping them

to get prepared for the kindergarten years.

           We serve a large area of communities around Ayr Ontario.

About Us


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What is a Co-op?


North Dumfries Preschool Co-operative Inc. (NDPCI) is a co-operative organization that is owned, administered and maintained by the volunteers and parents on a not-for-profit basis.

By definition, a co-operative is an enterprise working together willingly for a common purpose or benefit. That common purpose at NDPCI is to give  children the best start in their first school setting experience with a teacher while still having the comfort, warmth and security of their parent’s' participation.

Parents cooperate with the teachers, other parents and children to ensure a positive learning experience during this important introduction to routines, socialization and skill development. Being part of a co-operative is an enriching experience for parents as we are afforded the unique opportunity to shape our children’s learning experience in a hands-on approach within a school setting. NDPCI is proud to offer this valuable structure of learning to parents and their children.  


NDPCI has a Board of Directors which consists of volunteer parents and community members who help run the Preschool.  While these parents organize key elements of the Preschool, all parents must be involved in order for the school to run smoothly. 
In a typical year, all parents would help through Duty Days in the classroom,  committee work and also through fundraising events. 



Learn, Socialize, Independence & Play!

Our preschool is the best way to start getting your children ready to learn and become organized in a classroom setting, begin to socialize with other children regularly and become independent ... all through play!



Play is at the heart of our program where children discover the world around them by being encouraged to explore, led by their own interests and curiosity.  Through play, which nourishes every aspect of a child's development, a foundation of learning will be established and reflected upon to ensure meaningful participation for every child.  Children will improve in their physical development by participating in activities that incorporate gross motor and fine motor skills.  Children will have opportunities to work through their emotions and be given the chance to express themselves.  They will gain self-esteem and decision making capabilities.  Play experiences will stimulate curiosity and a sense of wonder.  


Our belief is that together, parents and our RECE teacher can provide a safe, welcome and encouraging environment that fosters a love of learning.  

What Parents Are Saying

"My older children absolutely adored their time at the preschool, so I was devastated when Covid shut the doors for #3 when it was his time to go. I am so excited to see what the future brings for this fantastic organization!"

"I can't even drive by the Preschool without my kid getting excited saying "I go to Preschool today?""

"My daughter is loving preschool and working on potty training herself at preschool. Tell Ashley and Kim, great work!"


"Another great day. [My daughter] said she had a fun day today. Also I noticed she recognized her name on something we had at home thanks to preschool! Thank you!"